Thursday, August 6, 2009

Busy, Busy Weekend

Time flies so quickly, last weekend we had a crazy time. Friday night, I brought Uncle Max home with his friend Michael. We all went to a work function. Max and Michael stayed behind while Elizabeth and I went to the Dollar Tree to "find Jesus" (I think a few people thought I was crazy as E announced our intentions upon entering the store. Luckily, we found the statue of a woman holding a boat wheel which somehow E thinks is Jesus. Unfortunately, said Jesus busted in to our next stop, KMart. I think we must say a few extra prayers for breaking Jesus!
On Saturday, we made three round trips through the dreaded tunnel. We took Max and Michael home in the morning. Rushed back for E to go to gym class. Rushed home from gym so we could go back over to meet our friend Fin for a playdate. While on the way to Fin, Elizabeth was, without any prompting, rehearsing her behavior in the car ~ "I no hit Fin, I no bite Fin, I no scratch Fin, Fin love me". After our playdate we went home to get daddy to rush back over to meet our friends, Katy, Rich and Leslie for Daddy's birthday lobster dinner.

Sunday was just spent hanging out at the beach!!!
Here are a few pictures of our playdate with Fin. They were totally stolen from Fin's mommy since I didn't have the sense to bring the camera.

The innocent look when plotting something good!

My favorite picture! I hope they are friends for a very long time.

Hmmm... Fin hasn't thought of it yet so let me ponder what trouble we can find!

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