Friday, August 7, 2009

A Nightmare

There is a family in China right now who is being forced to leave their newly adopted 4 year old behind. She tested positive for TB and with the new CDC laws, they will not permit her in the country even though she has been on meds for 2 months and is not contangious. This is an atrocity for many reasons. This family who has bonded to this child must now abandon her because they most go home. This child has been legally adopted so she is really left without a country. If she was a natural born child born on foreign soil she would not have been subjected to these tests. If she was traveling to the US for pleasure or work she would not have been subjected to these tests. These are not Chinese laws creating this nightmare. It is OUR government. It is our CDC. The website which tells the story of this family is

The made a video of their saying goodbye to their daughter Harper. They did this to stir emotion in some politicians heart in hopes of having this decision over turned so that they can bring their dear daughter home. If you don't like watching a little girl scream for her Baba not to leave in Chinese, I wouldn't suggest watching. It is heart wrenching. I feel for everyone who is in the process of adopting now who will face this horrible rule along with the new immunization laws. How many families will this happen to before the cruelty ends.

They need help now but a long term fix is the passing of the Foreign Adopted Children Equality Act. Please keep your eyes and ears open and share your passion for these beautiful newly adopted children with your elected officials.

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