Sunday, May 31, 2009

A New Day is Dawning....

at least we hope she will witness the dawn from a new perspective.... a BIG GIRL BED.

She still is very happy in her crib. She has never really cried to get out. Each morning she lies there and patiently waits for us to get her up. She can easily climb in and out but never does except during the day when she goes in to rescue a doll or stuffed animal.

Of course, she is closing in on 5 years old so it is about time to give it a try. If we don't, she is going to have to start sleeping with her knees bent. We only have a couple of inches left to go! I guess the upside of this is that I really put to good use those crib sheets which I wasn't even sure I would need!
The crib is moved, bring on the bed!

Baba bringing in THE BIG GIRL BED

It looks like fun to her so far!

Wish us well! We will see how tonight works out.

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Busy Couple of Weeks

It has been a busy couple of weeks. Last weekend, we got to meet our FCC playgroup at BlueBird Gap Farm. We LOVE this place so to enjoy it with our new friends makes it an extra great day.
Daddy worked that day so we had the whole day together. After the farm we went to the gym, lunch, shopping and back to home to do spring cleaning in order to get her room ready for the incoming big girl bed.
This week she was adamant about making "foamies for Ganny!". After dinner she spent about a half an hour pouring all her energy into her art project. Ganny- don't peek, it is coming in the mail to you!

This weekend, I went to the NASCAR race in Richmond. Elizabeth was helping with the collection of items for my trip (except I would never wear THAT hat, sorry Mark Martin, she is too young to know better!)

Yesterday, it started pouring on our way home from our Special Olympics Swim Meet and picnic. We decided to take a few minutes and dance in the rain! That smile just lights up my entire world!!!

Just a random picture of my pretty girl!

I love her like crazy cakes!!!!