Friday, January 23, 2009

My Hope...

This post is really not about politics. I will say that I am proudly a democrat and while I am not too sure about Obama, I am from Delaware so that makes me a fan of Joe Biden! This post is more about opportunity. My beautiful daughter is 4 years old. I was four years old in 1971. In 1971 most people would not have thought we would have an african-american president ~ ever and certainly not in a short 40 years. I hope the world keeps changing and that when my daughter is 40 she has the opportunity to be president, if she wants, even though my beautiful little girl is asian-born.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My First Attempt....

I LOVE to scrapbook. I never wanted to get started because I knew I would get hooked! But I did and I am! Before Elizabeth, I did a pretty good job keeping caught up at least I was never too far behind considering the extra books that I did like our wedding book, our honeymoon book and various books as gifts. Since Elizabeth has been home I really haven't touched anything. Well, I did do a HUGE album of our trip to China but besides that~ nothing at all!! I have been thinking of trying digital scrapbooking. I was inspired by Leslie over at Room for at least one More" to at least give it a try. She laid out such nice directions. OK. they were nice but I still really didn't get it. I spent a little time tonight fooling around with it (seemed like a great diversion to laundry!) and I actually learned how to do Ploppers!

Truthfully, I like traditional scrapbooking better but this might just be the solution to getting myself caught up again!

On another note, I have yet to find a some time to download my Christmas pictures and post them. Hopefully, I can do that this weekend.