Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's All About the Bears

We had a wonderful camping trip on just about the hottest weekend of the trip. With our great friends, Jamey, Nelson and Anna, we headed to Jellystone Campground at Natural Bridge. We had a fantastic time! Here is our trip in pictures, in no particular order.

Playing along the banks of the James River

We went to the VA Safari Park. We took the wagon ride and then our car. It was great except for the heatstroke we all just about had the my bit on the a$$ from an out of control ostrich!

Anna is not sure what she is so excited about yet.

The Llama had a nice snack out of the back seat!

Dropping food into a bison's mouth

Forcing E to try and feed the gentle llama

She is not so sure about being eye to eye with this buck.

Sam feeds the doe!

Elizabeth was brave enough to touch the pigs. She really liked the baby pigs.

E and Anna with the Yogi who doesn't more. He seems so much safer!

After the pledge is done the bears go back to their home for a rest.

Lizzy was trying to be brave. Afterall, it was BooBoo's birthday.

E and Miss Jamey enjoying hanging out at the campsite.

Jamey and Nelson, our camping buddies (and everything else buddies too!)

Best Friends!

Elizabeth really enjoyed the lake this year. Wearing her vest has brought her a new sense of confidence that she never had before. She will actually let go and let the vest do the work although she can really kick those little legs and get to where she wants to go. She has even gotten brave in the last few weeks and is willing, almost eager, to put her face under!

Went to the zoo and E got to ride the Elephant with Baba!

She was pretty brave feeding the deer.

Here is how you know everyone had a great time!!!

We will be back next summer!!!