Friday, September 18, 2009

A Few Recent Updates

Life has been so busy, sometimes it seems hard to carve out a few minutes to update!

We have had a few big milestones in the last few weeks ~

If you read often, you know we have had a struggle getting Elizabeth out of her crib. Since Elizabeth is now too big for the pack and play and the room was too small for the new inflatable bed we bought her, while on vacation, she was forced into the "big girl bed" She did great!!!! Not one issue of crying or getting out of bed. It was wonderful. Of course, once we got home, she wanted to get back into the crib. The first night we let her and the next day, down came the crib!

Elizabeth tucked into bed on vacation!

Another big happening was both for her and for mommy and daddy!!! The picture below is everyone who was at our table for a nice Sunday lunch a couple of weeks ago! Notice who is missing!!!!! Yes, she actually went with her Uncle for the day. I was doubtful but hopeful! After a false start which included lots of crying and "no go". I, who had stayed out of the transfer, gave her a quarter and suggested she ask Uncle Lem to take her to the store for a piece of gum (her favorite thing right now). She grabbed the quarter and they were off before I could get to the window to watch. When they come home, she wanted to go again so they went to the carousel, then Uncle Lem called and said they stopped by the house (we were inside waiting for them to return)to get her backpack and stroller from the driveway and they were off to Busch Gardens for the day! We ran (not really exaggerating) to the car and enjoyed a nice lunch at a new waterfront restaurant. We then enjoyed some restful shopping and time at home to relax together. She did not get home until 9PM. She was exhausted but all smiles with lots of stories to share. Truly, it seemed like a light at the end of our tunnel!
The first date for Mommy and Daddy in 17 months, but who's counting!