Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Camping FUN!!

We are not very spontaneous people. I mean, if you call us to go to dinner and dinner is in the oven, we will put it in the frig and head out. If you have a cool place to go and we are cleaning or doing yard work, we are happy to drop our mops and rakes and head out but that is usually the extent of it. But we went crazy this weekend and decided to go camping less than 24 hours before our departure!!! We have heard that Halloween Camping is fun so we decided to give it a try. To add to our pleasure, Elizabeth took her best buddy, A!

As soon as we arrived we realized we were camping next to her Pre K friend Emily. Quickly they became reacquainted and the fun began!!!

Saturday morning after an outdoor breakfast of eggs and bacon, we headed to the craft shop to do ceramics. Who ever said pumpkins needed to be painted orange??

After ceramics we went to the playground and then headed to the pavilion for a magic show.
Best Friends waiting for the show to start!

Then there was more fun playing together.

Then there was Trick or Treating. Sam was Luigi, Elizabeth was Mario A! was Jesse and Emily was heading to the sock hop!

Watching what other people were doing, I pulled my chair up to the road and handed out candy. WOW, I gave out 4 bags of candy in about 40 minutes!!

Check out my haul!!!

After our candy gathering, we took a hay ride. This was the activity that both girls said was their favorite part of the trip.

Saturday night there was a beautiful sunset of the bay.

Sunday morning the girls piled into my bed and the giggles started!!!

And more time playing on the bikes!

By the time we were on the road home, the girls were fast asleep~ the sure sign of a great weekend!

This trip was certainly one that reminded us about the importance of making memories for Elizabeth. We hope this will become a yearly ritual. Having Anna along just made the fun that much better!