Friday, September 16, 2011

How could it be the middle of September?

Oh where did the summer go??? Our summer ended rather abruptly with the arrival of Hurricane Irene. Our last weekend was spent getting ready, enduring and cleaning up. Luckily not too much damage. The first week of September brought the opportunity to visit E!'s new school. She loved it and is so excited about what it might bring. So are we!!!

We got to visit her classroom, find her desk and leave all of her supplies. Her class seems warm and inviting. She was excited by the books, the computers and the words she COULD read!!!
Mrs. Sanzo seems like a wonderful teacher. She listened to some of our concerns and some of E!'s story. She sat down and E! read her a book ~ cover to cover. It was a simple book but it was a first for her in a classroom setting. We left with a huge feeling of relief. Hopefully it will last for a little while.
Instead of going somewhere and feeling exhausted we stayed home and did some fun things around town. Sunday we went to the bounce house but Saturday, we decided to RIDE THE TIDE ~ our new light rail system. E was excited to head out. We were picking up her friend A for our adventure.
Everyone got their ticket and eagerly awaited the arrival of the train. A had never been on a train so her eyes got huge when it pulled into the station.

We went to mall as our train destination. We enjoyed lunch at Max and Erma's.
We went shopping a Claire's for everyone to pick out one special treat.
We played for a good long time on the playground before heading back out to the train for the trek home. By the time we pulled into the station everyone was exhausted. We ran to 7-11 for a refresher Slurpee and then the girls proceeded to pass out in their car seats!! Fun was had by all!
Tuesday brought the first day of school. When we woke E up at 5:45, she declared it was still "relax time". She informed us that she doesn't get up until "the sunshine is up". Well kiddo, that is about the change!!!! I had to take picture inside because it was still kind of dark outside when they left at 6:30 to catch the bus. I am thrilled to report that Daddy took her to the bus. She was nervous but there where no tears!!! She has loved getting on the bus each day and has adjusted well to our new wake up time. Honestly, I am a bit surprised. It has been easier to get her up at 5:45 than it was at 7:30 last year. We haven't had one morning fight yet!!
I am not big on character things but she so very much wanted the Mario backpack so I had to give in!
The very next weekend we had the honor to be involved in the VA Freedom Festival. In part, it raised money for Special Olympics but it also was in incredible tribute to the 10th anniversary of 9/11. This fire truck is from the NYFD. All of the men assigned to the truck perished in the towers on that day.
This is a 5.5 ton piece of the North Tower of the World Trade Center.
This is a piece of the granite from the site of the PA crash.
This is a piece of the Limestone from the Pentagon.
Theses pieces will be permanently housed in Chesapeake. What a magnificent tribute!

Life is good as we enter a new phase with a first grader!!! How lucky we are!!!