Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our Gotcha Day Celebration Continued

For Gotcha Day, Elizabeth gets to choose where we go for dinner. Of course she picks "soup" which is her favorite Chinese buffet.

Momma loves her baby!

A Blessed Family of 3!

Yum, Yum, her favorite

After dinner we had sang Happy Gotcha Day and got a few treats including a doll that I had bought in China. We also picked out a charm on line which will go on her charm bracelet. It should be no surprise that it is a Mickey charm.

This weekend we went to Richmond to meet with two other families we traveled to China with. We sure did miss Little Miss C and DD and DB. After plenty of socializing and reconnecting on Friday night, we went to the Richmond Zoo on Saturday. It was blazing hot (not quite as bad a China but getting worse by the minute) but it was great. Fin, you would love it!!!!!

Elizabeth and J were happy to see each other and reconnected so quickly!

After dinner J joined J and Elizabeth. They were silly and tired!

Fun was had with the all of the treats the girls had received.

The zoo was fun! Lots of different animals. Fin ~ you gotta go!

It was time to part ways at the zoo. Nobody seemed excited to leave or maybe they were just hot, tired, hungry and dehydrated!

We got to share one last meal with J and her family before we parted ways. Cool air, cool drinks and some food brought those smiles back out!

Elizabeth fell asleep in the car and slept most of the way home! She needed it!
We missed those who couldn't come. You were constantly in our thoughts and part of our memories recollected! We have some big plans already in motion for next year. We hope we will ALL be together again!

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Mama Darling said...

I got an email around 1:30 a.m. that you had posted. What are you doing up at that time.???...What am I doing up? lol Thank you so much for posting the pics. The girls look SO big and as cute as ever. I love their t-shirts. We REALLY missed being there. Looks like you all had a great time! Keep me informed on next year's plans. We'd love to see everyone. Looks like E had a great Gotcha Day! When given the choice, Doodlebug chooses Chinese food too. She LOVES egg drop soup just like E. You've got a beautiful family and look so happy! Thanks again for posting the trip pictures so quickly.