Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today We Celebrate

Today we celebrate. Today, two years ago, We woke up as a family of 2 and went to sleep a family of three. The day I wed my husband and this day were the two best days of my life. Sadly, for Elizabeth this was probably the scariest day for her as everything she knew and depended on changed forever. I hope she never has to feel that again. Kind of ironic that the adoptive mom's greatest joy can be the adopted child's cross to bear.

Tonight we will continue the traditions that we started last year. Miss Elizabeth will get choose where we will go to dinner (she has already declared that we will be getting soup (aka the chinese buffet that she LOVES!), we will pick out a charm for her bracelet that will represent the past year and she will get a small gift from our collection that we bought while in China.

My sweet Elizabeth,

I can not believe it has been two years. So much has happened in the last 12 months, that it is hard to recount. Most noticeably, you have grown. You have gotten taller and so much more muscular. Your language has really developed as well. We love to hear you chatter and boy do you like to hear yourself chatter as well. This past year, you have started to become engaged in some fun activities. You enjoyed being part of the church choir and gym class. You learned about Mickey Mouse, Busch Gardens, and the fun you can have playing with friends. You know your colors and letters, you can almost count to 20, and you know how to sing so many songs. You remind us every night to say our blessing over dinner (even snack now) and you recite your prayers each night praying for your family, friends and other people who have touched you that day. Do you think Ms. Gee will ever know how many times you have said, "Dear God, please help Ms. Gee feel better". You still are not a big fan of Mommy and Daddy leaving but you will now leave us, if we sit quietly in one place.

Every day that goes by, we love you more than the day before. When we look into your beautiful almond shaped eyes, we are reminded that we are the luckiest people on earth to have been chosen to be your mommy and daddy. Two years ago we were overwhelmed with gratitude to the Peoples Republic of China for entrusting you to our care. Those feelings have not changed. We are grateful everyday that you are ours and we are yours. You have a brought us such incredible joy. We love our home filled with your devilish laugh. We love you like crazy cakes my dear baby!

Mommy and Daddy
August 20, 2009

August 20, 2007

On a side note, we went to the dentist yesterday for our first teeth cleaning in a conscious state. There was much screaming but it ended peacefully. We love Dr. Plauka. Best news..... No cavities, no $13,000 worth of dental work needed and six year molars are popping out a year early!
Clean Toothy Smile


FinsUp said...

Beautiful smile. Beautiful girl. Beautiful family.


Abby's Mom said...

Happy Family Day! LOve your traditions :)