Thursday, July 30, 2009

New School Pictures

Probably the best yet! I can't decide if I like the smile or the smirk!


Kiy said...

*That's* what they are doing for school pictures these days? Whoa, times have sure changed!

I too am torn, love them both ... good luck choosing. (hehe)



FinsUp said...

The first one is great! Save us a a little one of whichever you pick.

Gigi, Chris, Darius, Quin, Cody, Sidney and Ty said...

GREAT photos - I vote smile :)

She is getting so big.


Mama Darling said...

IS SHE CUTE OR WHAT!!!!!! Love them all. Remember what we were doing this time almost two years ago...fretting about lack of information and travel dates. lol Seems like so long ago.