Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Two Years Ago

Two years ago this past Sunday, our long awaited referral arrived. I can remember the phone call like it was yesterday. I was sitting at my desk getting ready to leave for one of the busiest work events of the year. The head of our agency's local office called and said "You did say, you would take an older child, didn't you?" For an instant I became a little worried that we were getting like a 12 year old. After I said yes, we said up to 36 months, her response was "Oh good because your referral is for a 34 month old". So quickly the baby things went away and new toddler things were bought! I remember sitting at my computer that night, not expecting anything until the next day when I opened my inbox and there was an email from Grace! Sam and I opened that email together and cried. She was beautiful and she was ours! Everyday was are thankful to the good lord above who put our family together. We love her like crazy cakes!

These were the referral pictures of Song Song that we received on that wonderful day!

This is my beautiful Elizabeth Mei-Song now! Oh my, how she has grown and changed!

Elizabeth and her extra special friend Christina. Christina's family was one of our travel buddies.


FinsUp said...

I told you when we first met that Elizabeth's were some of the prettiest referral pictures I had ever seen. Yep. I'm still right. :)

She is even more beautiful in person, though, filled with love and newfound confidence.

Debbie and Sam said...

and a bit sassier!!!!

Mama Ladybug said...

I love those precious baby pictures. What cute cheeks, you just wanna squeeze them! Yup, we are all so blessed with our beautiful Bengbu Beauties as I affectionately call them. We are further blessed by how are extended family has grown accordingly. God is SO good! Looking forward to our visit in August. We'll keep you posted with ideas as we progress with logistics.