Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Newest Family Member

I am happy to introduce our newest, yet unnamed, addition to our family. Sam grew up camping and I always thought it would be fun. When my college roommate was looking for a buyer of their gently used camper, we jumped at the chance.

Baba would like to redefine the word "help"

We opened it up and let Elizabeth explore. She seems to think it is pretty cool. We will just have to see how the sleeping thing goes. That is our biggest worry. She is notoriously horrible in a hotel so we are keeping our fingers crossed that she will just be so darn tired that she will sleep.

It seems like lots of fun!!!!

Next weekend we are hitting the dusty trail on our first trip. We are going to Jellystone at Natural Bridge VA. Wish us well!!!


Pat said...

It looks like the camper we had when Ben and Will were little. We had a great time in it and made lots of wonderful memories. Have fun on your first "adventure".

FinsUp said...

SWEET! I am betting Elizabeth does great. This will be her own little room on the road, not some generic hotel room. Have a blast!

Mama Darling said...

We loved camping as kids. It was SO much fun. Looks like Elizabeth is going to love it! Have a great time!

Mama Ladybug said...

We are SO pleased that you have a camper now. Perhaps we can meet in the middle and enjoy some "outdoorsy" time together. Or, you could venture all the way north to our area. We have ALOT that we could show you, it'd be such fun! Congrats! Hoping Little E! does well sleeping. LL just loves her pink camo sleeping bag that she and DB picked out together. Perhaps something like that would help?