Friday, June 5, 2009

A New Day May Be Dawning But.....

The view is still the same!!!!!!

In her defense, we put the bed up and then she had 4 days of a fever. Who wants a change when you are not feeling well. Now that she is feeling better, there is still no interest. At this point she has lasted about one minute in her bed before she pleads for the crib. She has moved her big girl pillows in the bed although she doesn't really use them. With her growing size, growing doll and stuffy collection, and growing pillow collection, she is really starting to run out of room.
(Gigi, you can't really see because of her hand but her VERY favorite pillow is Ellie the Elephant. Once it goes under her head, she is quickly on her way to dreamland!)

But she does look safe, happy and comfortable which is most important to me~ it is such a far cry from the plywood and bamboo mat that she slept on before so she will move when she is ready. We can wait.

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FinsUp said...

What's that they say, "She won't go to college in a crib."

In her own time.