Friday, January 29, 2010

My Little Fashionista!

My little girl knows what she likes! If she doesn't like it there is no convincing her. These all pass muster!

Thanks Fin! You give the best hand-me-downs. I am wearing this today on my field trip!

Thanks Aunt Katy! This dress makes me feel like a diva! It goes perfect with the shoes from Ms. Debbie.

Thanks Grammie, this one matches my "funky socks" (aka socks with polka dots)
This is my own creation! The outfit mom bought me and the princess gear from the Vanbuskirks. It is amazing how a tutu, some plastic shoes and a tiara turn an ordinary girl into a princess.


Gail said...

So cute!!!

FinsUp said...

Do they make the pink outfit in my size?! I want it!

Mama Darling said...

She is justtoo cute! Doodlebug loves that "princessy" look versatile. She thinks it's appropriate in ALL settings. LOL