Friday, November 7, 2008

Toddler Style Entertainment

Concerts used to mean spending the night sleeping in a line to get the best tickets, an arena filled with people who most likely won't remember much in the morning, the wafting smokey smell of questionable origin, lighters lit in Free Bird style, and music so loud your ears rang until the next day. Now that I am a happy mamma to a toddler, concerts involve popcorn, ice pops, light sticks and lots of blue, purple, yellow and red! Last night we took Elizabeth to see the wiggles. In her style it took her over half the show to relax and to start enjoying it. By the end she didn't want to go home! The best part was watching her dear daddy smiling has he sang along to the songs we hear everrrrrrrrry day! I think he liked it the most!


mama ladybug said...

We LOVE the Wiggle too! I wish you guys were closer. I wanted to go with LL but could not find any takers. Sounds like you had a SUPER time!

Kiy said...

I know just what you mean (I once spent three DAYS in line for Elton John tickets ... insane). :)

We just recently took little miss to see Backyardigans Live. She loved it, but was more interested in watching the other kids. She was probably too young, but what the heck!

Glad your sweetie had a great time, but it sounds like Dad really got into it!

Cheers, Kiy