Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First Family Pictures

Over Fourth of July weekend, my parents and my sister came to visit. We were supposed to get our family picture done that weekend but my dad got sick so we postponed. We had the opportunity to do it later when we went to their house for a visit. I am so thankful that everyone took the time and energy to make it happen. These pictures could be a once in a lifetime ( I hope not) opporunity to capture our family together and smiling!

This is our first professional family picture. Can you see the attitude!

The Three Cousins ~ Dominique, Gabe and Elizabeth

My very favorite picture of all ~ Grammy, Poppy and their three grandbabies!

Me, my sister, our parents, and our children.

Our family with Grammy and Poppy.

These pictures were done at good old-fashioned Sears, nothing fancy but I am so happy they turned out good and I am grateful to have captured our family in pictures. They are priceless to me.


FinsUp said...

They turned out GREAT! I can't believe you got everyone smiling and looking at the camera at the same time. We are attempting this at Christmas when my sister and her family are in. I hope we get 1/2 as good.

Shannon said...

Hi! I believe we are with the same agency. I remember reading your blog when you received E.'s referral. She is just beautiful! Thank you for re-linking! =)

Mama Ladybug said...

What absolutely BEAUTIFUL pictures. What treasures they will be for years (generations!) to come. I LOVE the one of the children with your parents, so special. I too wish we lived closer, there are just too many miles between us. LL has recently begun referring to Little E and the other girls as her friends "Far-Far". Sad but I'm so thankful she holds all of her "sisters" in a special place and remembers our reunion. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Kiy said...

What I loved was seeing E's hands in her Poppy's, in both pictures. They must have something special there, gosh that last picture just brought tears to my eyes. I loved that little hand in his.

What a wonderful memory, good for you for getting it done!


Tracy said...

Love the photos!!