Saturday, November 13, 2010


Elizabeth was invited to come swim with her friend Fin while they were at the beach on a mini get-away. She had a BLAST! The whole way down there in the car, she kept saying "I so cited!". On the way home she slept the ENTIRE way. Thanks Fin for dinner and tiring her out! Oh, yeah, and for being a good friend and giving her the courage to be the best she can be. Tonight was the first night that Elizabeth has ever been in a pool without mom. In fact just 2 weeks ago, she refused to get in without me. When we did get in, she just clung to my throat. Tonight, she swam like a fish (a fish wearing her swim vest). She even jumped in by herself ~ face wet and all. I was so proud of her accomplishing something new. Thanks Leslie for the opportunity!!

Fin will never drown in a pool! She is a pretty good little swimmer.

This is Elizabeth in July of 2008. Boy, sometimes I forget how big she has gotten.

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