Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cleaning and Scrubbing...or Not!

Today is the day before Thanksgiving. I had every intention of staying home and finishing up the cleaning and getting the cooking started. Instead, Lizzy is home from school so that changes things some. Then, Anna needs a home for the day while her momma works. They play so well together and have so much fun, how could I refuse. Not to mention Jamey pulls me out of more fires than I could ever count. Anna arrived at 6:45 AM and the fun began. Soon there were pleas to read, color, play games and go outside. I remember the saying "Cleaning and scrubbing and can't wait for tomorrow because babies grow up much to our sorrow...) Cleaning and cooking plans went to the side and we had a blast!!!


Shannon said...

LOTS of good fun! So sweet together! Good for you for putting aside the work. =)

Kate-Lyn said...

More, I need more E! photos! Hope your feeling OK, saw your FB post:(