Thursday, September 2, 2010


Tonight was open house for Kindergarten. I am not sure if it is to ease the Mom's and Dad's (well, mostly the mom's) in to Kindergarten or if it is really for the kids. Elizabeth had a pretty new dress to wear after all, we know the old saying about first impressions. She was excited to put on the new back pack which has been hanging on the door know for a month just taunting her. She seemed excited and inquisitive. I think she will do great and have the whole situation under control in a week!

Her teachers are Mrs. Yarrington and Mrs. Moore.

Excited by all of the new things that lie ahead.

She proudly found her seat, her new home away from home!

"Finally, I can wear my backpack!"


FinsUp said...

She looks lovely and ready to go!

florence thacker said...

I can't believe she is in Kindergarten and she is so cute. Hope first day goes as well for everyone..(mom & dad) Florence T.

Bill M said...

Gorgeous and happy! WOnderful to see!

Gigi, Chris, Darius, Quin, Cody, Sidney and Ty said...

Such a pretty young lady.
Can't wait to hear all about the first day.

Mama Darling said...

She'll have those teachers wrapped around her little finger in no time :) I hope she has a wonderful year. DB started this week. It's taking a little more to motivate her than it did DD, but I think we'll be o.k. I just have to remember that they are two different kids and that she is a very young K student...(It doesn't help that I'm type A :/)Poor kid.