Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

The first day of Kindergarten is a mixed bag of emotions around here! To be fair, it also falls on the same day that 3 years ago we walked through our front door for the first time as a family of 3. Only three ago!!! Most mommies get 5 years with their babies before they send them off to begin their life of academia, I only had 3 and Lizzy only had 3 years to be babied before she was on her way to big things. I need more time. I am not sure about her. She is so smart and ready and eager to learn. I usually don't mourn the loss of the her first 3 years or the loss of mothering a true baby but maybe just today will be ok?

Kindergarten started out with a meet your teacher tonight. Lizzy was eager to go. She was most eager to wear that back pack that had been hanging on the closet door just taunting her. She was not allowed to touch it until the big day!

She woke up happy and ready to go!! I had gotten a little worried because over the weekend, she kept crying that she wanted mommy and daddy to go to kindergarten. We explained the rules and she seemed to accept them. She even got to sleep in mommy's bed the night before for some extra cuddles (and to make sure the anxiety didn't get the best of her. After all, a good night sleep would help her be rationale in the morning. She even insisted on wearing a dress, which is unusual for her. She was all smiles and ready to pose for some commemorative pictures.

School went great. She got out of the car with no problems, kissed Daddy goodbye and went off to conquer the world, or a least to make friends with 2 new kids, Maria and Devin. We promised her that we would go our to her favorite restaurant if she had a good day, so off we went to the "Terra Cotta Warriors". We praised and she beamed. Please just let the next day go so well I thought.

Getting home, we let her play outside, which she loves before settling into our early to bed night time routine. We will pray for a day 2 that is just as wonderful as day 1.
Update: Day 2 not off to the same good start. She cried from the moment she got up to the moment she disappeared into the school. Today she knew what was up and she would have NONE of it! Oh lordy, I hope this gets better quick. Dealing with her attachment issues as it relates to all of this puts a different twist on the situation. We have seen such progress with her attachment struggles. I don't think I am mentally ready for a step back. I so wanted it to go smoothly:(


Mama Darling said...

I'm sorry to hear that Sweet E wasn't happy to go back on Day 2. She has come SO FAR. This is pretty traumatic. Hopefully, it will just be a little set back and she'll overcome it soon. On DB's Day 2 we didn't have tears, but we had this comment: "Not againnnnnn! We did this yesterday!" She was referring to "reading short vowel words!" Little did she know that it was only the beginning....We'll pray for Sweet E :) Keep us informed on her progress.

Kate-Lyn said...

Oh dear, I will pray ALOT for E! on her new chapter in life. And for you guys too. I totally agree that three years is too soon for a Mama to have to separate. We are there with you as Miss Grace is not transitioning too well at MTA, sigh...yet another path we walk together. Thank GOD for our tight group that He has joined together!

3 Peanuts said...

You won the item you bid on for the auction...please leave me an email address so that I may invoice you:) Thank you,

3 Peanuts said...

Hi Debbie,

Not sure if you got my paypal invoice but I wold like to reconcile the auction. You were the high bidder on the green sandals. Let me know if you changed your mind so I can offer them to someone else.