Wednesday, June 20, 2012

She did it!

Let me just tell you that Elizabeth is loving the nice weather.  She doesn't watch TV and she doesn't have too much imaginary play so winter gets her a bit stir crazy.  She wants to come home and go right outside.  She wants to play until it gets dark.  Many a nights there are arguments about coming in for dinner!  She wants to run, throw the football, ride her bike ~ doesn't really matter much to her as long as she is outside.Learning to ride a bike has been elusive to her.  She certainly has the coordination and core strength to do it but not really the confidence in herself.  We bought a new bike last fall thinking that would help.  We bought some kind of handle to help train but that didn't really help.  She had no drive to make it happen.  When we were camping at Easter, I noticed how much she was riding her bike without using her training wheels.  She still would not give it a try!.  Tonight she was in a great mood so I decided to give it a whirl.  I noticed when she would try it, she would try to put both feet on the pedals and then start.  That works well with training wheels but not with 2 wheels.  We started on the hill of the driveway where gravity would help her build steam so she could get the other foot on the pedal.  She tried without much success about a dozen times and then she wanted to quit.  She got the mommy lecture about winners never quit and we tried again.  JACKPOT.  Down the driveway she went!!!  In a sheer couple of minutes, she took off down the street with Daddy in tow and rode all of the way to the end!!!  She was so proud of herself.  I was so proud of her.  Not only because she accomplished this elusive goal but because she didn't give up!!!

Disclaimer, we got caught up in the excitement and lost the helmet along the way but be certain she is the best helmet wearer!  She puts in on with out a reminder every time!  Except the time I video her! 

Good Job Baby Doll!!!  I love you!


Kate-Lyn said...

Awesome job E! Can you give Ju-lie lessons? She has not worked up the courage yet that you have. Well done!!

Mama Darling said...

Thumbs up from Texas! Great job!

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