Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rites of Spring

Strawberry picking is a wonderful rite of springtime. We found a local farmer's market that had a hay ride out to the strawberry fields. Strawberry picking was a first for Elizabeth so it was fun to watch her search the plants for the perfect specimen. It was just hard to get it in the box instead of in her mouth, which was encouraged by the farm owners.

We walked away with five pounds of strawberries. Red mouths, red-stained shirts and a tradition started!

One for the bowl, one for the mouth, one for the bowl, one for the mouth


Mama Darling said...

Looks like fun!!!! I heard that rubbing strawberries on your teeth would polish them and make them shine. All the more reason for putting them in your mouth instead of the box :)

Carol and Chris said...

Love the red mouth... and fingers...and hand!

Thanks for your comment on our blog. I had been following your blog for a few months! I hope to meet you soon. Is the group you are in the FCC Hampton Roads?

You can e-mail me at ezzelle@gm**