Monday, November 9, 2009


This summer Elizabeth began requesting to play soccer. One of her little friends at church plays so we decided to join her team. The first few games were a disaster to say the least. After buying all of the "stuff" needed and hauling ourselves out to the field, she refused to play ~ for 3 games. Just as we were about to give up, at the fourth game, the coach took her hand and "helped" her out to the field. She has been going strong ever since. Many games she not only had to play one quarter but all four due to lack of attendance. She didn't really kick the ball but a few times but she sure did chase it around. If it came too close to her, she usually deferred to another player close by. She usually stepped it up and did it for the team. She loved to play "Purple" aka goalie. She was surprisingly good at that position. She had one game where caught all four balls that were heading in. Next season we are hoping that she will kick the ball!


Kicking the ball was reserved for practice!

She really liked being part of a team.

We loved our coach!!! She was great with the kids.
She had to stand on her "stage" aka fireplace hearth to show off her trophy!

So tired!!! Our day started with a school trip to Norfolk to see Elmo, then lunch out with Mommy, then the school Halloween party, then the soccer game, then the team pizza party. I fun day!!!

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Kate-lyn said...

Go Litte E! She looks VERY serious on that field. I bet she's a fierce opponent! Is that a "battle scar" on her right cheek or a face painting? Hope it's the latter :)

FinsUp said...

It looks like so much fun! I will have to check out leagues here.