Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Great Weekend

I have finally recovered from a great weekend! Laundry has been caught up so now I can share a few pictures.

Saturday, our friend Fin came over to go to and Easter Egg Hunt at our church. Elizabeth had a bit of a difficult time at first but then settled in and had alot of fun. I enjoyed having Fin's mommy to hang out with!

Fin showing off her haul!

Elizabeth trying to keep that egg on her spoon!

Taking a break after the big hunt. The pressure was HUGE!

In the begining, Elizabeth was still deciding if she was going to have a good time.

One cool chic~ I think the pastor called her a DIVA!
On Sunday, Elizabeth dressed in her pretty dress for Palm Sunday. This is her "Happy Face"
After church we had a surprise visit from our friends. They have adopted a Baby M! We are sooooo happy for them. They were traveling from the state she was born in to their home up North so they stopped in to visit and let us have a few minutes to meet and love on Baby M! She is tiny!!! You can just see the joy on my friends face. I am so happy a baby has joined their home. The will be fantastic parents!

Introducing Little Miss M! Oh my, the seat buckle is bigger than she is!
As soon as they left, we headed out the door to Busch Gardens. We got season passes. Elizabeth had a ball! We weren't too sure since she tends to be a nervous nellie but we did about 6 rides and she enjoyed all of them. It holds great promise!!!! To make it an even better day, we went with some friends whom we really enjoy spending time with.

A little Gatorade to engerize me!!!

The Dads!!!

Now a little popcorn break in New France!

I LOVE the swings.

If I must.....
After we left the park we headed to Pierce's BBQ. While the Dads got dinner (which took about 45 minutes) the girls ran and ran and ran around in the yard. We had a picnic dinner by the dim of the parking lots. All in all, breaking bread with friends for dinner was a great way to end an absolutely wonderful weekend!


FinsUp said...

I love her fancy dress! We had a blast at the egg hunt. Thank you for inviting us, particularly since we will miss ours.

See you later!

Rachel said...

Looks like a fun weekend! I love Busch Gardens and was bummed not to make it there this past week in Williamsburg. We just ran out of time though...

You asked about the coffeeshop - its called Cartwheels & Coffee and its in Carytown. Here's the link:

It was very low key and pleasant to hang out in. Not to mention all the cute shops around!

Have a good week!

Tracy said...

Love that last shot!